Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Back!

I haven't been blogging over the past year and it makes me a little sad! To look back and not have all of Merit's cute milestones documented in my own words. Just makes me think about all that has gone on in this past year. It is VERY shocking. Merit will be a year in 16 short days. This whole past year has been a whirl wind and I am ready to come back with a bang, taking more time each day to spend with my children and get back on track. My house needs a huge overhaul and some massive love! I made one new years resolution and have been able to stick with it since I made it. It is to floss my own teeth daily! With this challenge I also added flossing my 3 big kids' teeth. I have been on track with that, now lets see how many more things I can get back on track. (The house will be a little at a time, because it is too overwhelming to think about at once). Okay, friends, help me to be accountable and gain some order back in my life. I know this wont be an easy journey, but a journey it will be. I will post some pictures of my family soon for those who don't have facebook.

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