Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jump, Jumperoo

I'm definitely getting too big for this!Check Spelling Sisterly love My new toy!
Makyla getting tired
Too much jumping!
Completely passed out on the couchMama's helper

Mason's turn! LOL
I got 3 suckers!
Mama and me
Makyla's turn! Way too big!
Thanks to a couple at our church, we now have a Jumperoo for Merayya to use. She absolutely loves it and spent quite a bit of time in it yesterday (and I actually got some housework done!) It has been awesome to have, however, her siblings think that it is their toy also.....arrgh!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Children's Museum

Mark and I before we went home

Merayya's newest face!
...and again
Painting with the kids

Mason's favorite part
All of us waiting for the train to take us back to the car for lunch
Mason and Makyla on "Joy"Down on the Tacoma waterfront

Merayya in the baby area!

Mark and the kids playing a game
All three of us painting
Makyla and Mason painting
More painting What's wrong with this picture?

Mason and Makyla riding the train...yipee!
Mark riding the train
Mason playing "garden

Eskimo Kissies!

Tonight was a fun date night for Mark and I. Mark usually works Sundays, but due to some training next week he had today off! It was pretty cool. We went to Black Angus and the kids stayed with my mom. Merayya still wants nothing to do with the bottle, so we don't leave her for long periods of time. It was nice to get away...even if it was just for a short while! We have been up to some very fun things, however, I need to move all of the pictures off of my camera and onto the computer. We recently took the kids to the children's museum in Tacoma. We got to ride the little train there and the kids had a blast. I will be posting pictures soon! Oh yeah, and about the Eskimo kisses, I taught Mason how to do them tonight when I was putting him to bed. He was laughing at me so hard. It was so cute, so then I thought Makyla would like a turn. When I put her to bed I said that I wanted to teach her something. When I gave her the Eskimo kissies she wanted to know how I knew that they were called that, and who taught me. It was very sweet. Something you don't always get to enjoy with your children. I got to laugh with both of them before bed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Scooter McGrooter!

Sometimes I (and Mark) forget to be thankful for the beautiful gifts that God has blessed us with. There is so much work involved with being a mother and a father, and sometimes it is just hard to be grateful. I have had to really work on my attitude as a mother and be grateful for having such wonderful and "gifted" children.
Mason is clearly behind in his speech now. We have noticed him being extremely aggravated with Makyla and lashing out at her for lack of being able to tell her what he really wants to (Such as "LEAVE ME ALONE!"). We have really been working with him on using signs to communicate. He is now able to tell us "help, please, more, all done, yes, and thank you." These signs have really helped with his struggle to try to communicate. I am hoping that he will be able to get free preschool in the Fall, because of his delay.
Makyla is such a big helper. Today, while I was gone to our attorney, she did a whole sink full of dishes for me! She also loves to play with Merayya and tote her around like a little doll (probably not the best, but a great act of love). Makyla still is obsessed with shoes, like her mom! She is also still just a pretty princess and is so excited to get to go to "pretty school" in the Fall.
Merayya is also just an amazing joy, but sometimes the joy can get overlooked by all the dirty diapers! This last weekend she has started scooting backwards. She is extremely slow and it is hard to notice, but I know that where I set her is not where she ends up. We were at my mom's this last weekend and Merayya was scooting backwards and putting her butt up in the air! It was sooo cute!
Our family is truly blessed and I need to remember to thank God each and every day for allowing me the privilege of being these guys' mom.

A last little prayer for our family:
Dear God,
Thank you for all of the beautiful blessings that you have given to us. Please help us to raise them to love and honor you. Help us to get through every rough spot and keeping trekking on. Help us to see the good in every situation. We love you so much and want our children to do the same. Thank you again for everything!
Parents in need of love and forgiveness

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Ebbert's!!!!!

This last weekend, one of my closest friends, Erica got married to the love of her life, Chris. They are such a cute couple, and I personally can't wait to meet thier babies one day! I got the honor of being in the wedding. Everything was so gorgeous! The wedding was at her grandparents house on thier property. Erica is very good at paying attention to fine details, so this wedding was very well planned and was such a neat event to get to enjoy and be a part of. There were a few cocktails to enjoy, the flowers were so pretty, and once it got dark there were beautiful lights all around the tent and candles on the tables. It was so romantic. We all boogied well into the night! Thanks for the honor, Erica!!! We wish you all the best, you two love birds. Have the time of your lives in Costa Rica!
The bride and groom
Erica and I
First dance as husband and wife, finally!
Mark and I

The beautiful Bride!!
All of the bridesmaids, and the blushing bride~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Haydon's!!!

This last weekend (over the fourth of July) we went up to Penticton, BC for a wedding. My friend from child hood, Priscilla got married to an awesome man named Quake. We had such a blast. The food was exquisite and the wedding was on a vineyard on a cliff with the Okanagan behind it....GORGEOUS!!! Congrats Priscilla and Quake!