Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last Sunday was my mom's birthday! My sister and Mason and Makyla made her a cake and we hung out, ate nachos, and cake. :O) She is such a good grandma (or grammy) always having fun with the kids and taking care of them. Thanks mom! Oh yeah, and I wont tell everyone how old you are! (Mom says she is 33, which would have made her 7 when I was born!) Nice try mom!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patty's Day

For St. Patty's Day, Mason missed school, so I felt that I needed to make up for it by creating a fun day here (it is the teacher in me :O)) So, we had some green juice, green mac and cheese, and wore all of our green. Then for dinner we had corn beef and cabbage! MMMM!! I am loving those leftovers! Here are some pictures from our fun day.

Memories to laugh about

Makyla (the photographer) begged to take a picture of us, so here are our silly faces!
I have been sick, so the Lord has really had me sitting in idle and watching my kids more. They really are growing and changing. I am amazed at what they can comprehend and ask. I am posting some funny things that the kids have been saying that have recently made me laugh. Now that Mason is talking more, I get to laugh more :O) I love it!

The other day the kids were eating popcorn and I was over in the playroom watching some netflix and resting. Makyla came over to me and asked:
Makyla: Mom am I going to die?
Mom: What? Why?
Makyla: You know those seeds in the bottom of the popcorn?
Mom: Yeah?
Makyla: Well, I ate one of am I going to die?
Mom: Oh, no, sweetie! Those are okay to eat...they may just hurt your teeth! Mommy loves those! (And I ate one to show her that they are okay to eat).
After Makyla went to bed I couldn't help but laugh at this!

And one more from Makyla-
We were in the grocery store and this old man was commenting on the kids being cute. He was obviously handicapped and I was trying to be polite and smile and nod my head. He kept going on and on until sweet little Makyla pipes in "MOM, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO TALK TO STRANGERS!!!" Yeah...lets just say that put an end to that conversation!

And another from Makyla-
We were in the car headed to Makyla's other dad's house last Friday, and we were at a stoplight, so I turned around to see how she was doing and the people in the car next to us were looking at her. She said "they waved at me, so I waved at them." I said "Oh, okay." She then replied "no, that is not okay!" Hmm...then why did you do it? Children! I really was okay with it. I don't want my kids to live in total shelter. I want them to be able to be polite and wave back to someone who waves at them. According to Makyla though, it is not okay.

So, last weekend I was pretty under the weather, so my mom took Mason over to her house to watch him for me. My sister and him were in the living room watching this movie and Mason goes into the other room to tell my mom that the movie was "bad." He wouldn't watch any more of that movie. I guess that I don't have to worry about shielding him from "bad" children's movies (LOL) he will take care of that himself!

And one more from Mason-
I kept smelling poop or farts or something the other day. Merayya is the only one who has diapers so I asked Mason to smell Merayya to see if she smelled like poop. He smells the top of her head and says "no, doesn't smell too bad." I said "no, her butt." He then proceeds to smell towards her butt and says "no, doesn't smell too bad." I had to laugh. I mean, this is the child that two months ago couldn't put 2-3 word sentences together and now he is telling me "no, doesn't smell too bad." Oh yeah and this is how it really sounds: "Mo, noesn't mell toy bad." Then he proceeded to tell me that it was him farting. I am not totally sure if it was him, because if anyone around here passes gas, he always want to take credit for it! Boys! :O)

I couldn't not tell you about all of the funny things she has been doing! She sure loves her daddy. Today he was sleeping on the couch and she went over to him a few times trying to wake him up with her baby babble and rubbing his hair. She also will nod her head when you ask her questions. It is pretty funny. I will say do you want lunch and she will nod yes or no! I love it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Stands Still

Day to day life is so busy, and I often get caught up in the oasis of dirty laundry and dirty dishes. Sometimes, God gives us moments that make our lives just stand still for a while. I really felt like that today. Let me tell you why....

Makyla has wanted this Strawberry Shortcake Nintendo DS game. She bought it with her own money online, and it came today. I spent the better half of the day teaching her how to play the game and narrating the game to her. My house needs some scrubbing....but for some reason God just gave me the peace to sit still with my daughter and feel like time has literally stopped.

Then, I tucked Mason in for bed tonight and started folding clothes. When I went to put his clothes away in his drawer I sat on the floor under his bed and started to put the clothes away. I looked up to his bed, and his little face was peering down at me through the slats in his bed. With his face still in the same position...a few minutes later...he was out cold! I just looked at him and melted.

I am just so happy to see my kids and get to enjoy them growing. Another cool thing...we are still getting snow. Today there were parts of the day where it was dumping. Luckily it was only sticking to the grass.

My little one

Merayya and Kayti Merayya was circling around Trisha's legs....over and over...
It was really funny! And kind of strange...I don't know what she was thinking!
Merayya went in for her one year old checkup and to get her immunizations last Thursday. She is currently 16 lbs. The doctor told me that she is at the point that most 7 month olds are at. I have been feeding her 3 solids a day for the last month to try to get her to pack on some pounds. She has gained weight, however, she has gotten older and moved into a new bracket of where she "should be." Most babies triple their size in the first year. She was 8 lbs 5 oz at birth, so that would put her at around 25 lbs. I am not worried about her (being that she is my third) she is thriving, crawling, happy, growing, etc. I think that she may just be a lot like me! (If you see my niece Kayti in the pictures from her birthday party...that is exactly how I looked as a kid). My sister-in-law, Trisha said that with Kayti, the doctors were constantly asking her if they were feeding Kayti, so it doesn't surprise me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kayti's Birthday!

Sorry...these have gotten really out of order. My niece's 9th birthday party was this last weekend. We went down to Centralia to celebrate. There is this pool there with a water slide and the kids were lucky enough that they got to go on it. None of them really know how to swim, so my brother, Marcus, was waiting in the water below to catch them. After swimming we went to my brother, Boe's house to visit and hang out, and then we decided later that evening to take the kids all skating to a place that also had a bouncy house inside. It was sure a lot of fun. (In fact, we are still re-couping from it!) Makyla coming out, and uncle Marcus catching her
The 2 ft pool!
Kayti is so shy...even on her own birthday!
Blowing out the candle
Quite the bunch!
My brother, Marcus, teasing Kayti about her new panties!
My brother, Boe with his son Kearnan

Mason and Makyla's first time skating
Mason with his daddy and his uncle
All the girls just wanted to be in the bouncy houseKearnan never did make it out to skate....however, he got his parent's moneys worth at the pool. He was in there the full 3 hrs. until they blew the whistle!

Kora and her daddy skating
More bouncing!
Merayya's turn!
The cake (I made it) :O)