Friday, February 27, 2009


Mason shoveling the snow in the grass. I really don't know why! :O) Too bright!
Mason trying to ride his four wheel power wheel in the snow (it was hilarious...all the tires were packed with snow and wouldn't turn!

Merayya's new car from her birthday
Our pretty tree
I am so grateful that we got the opportunity to have snow again this year! I got some cute pictures of the kids in it! This was Merayya's first time being in it. When we had snow earlier this Winter it was way to cold for her to go out in it! (It was not only snowy, but we also had a wind storm warning and were expected to lose power) I will upload some pictures as soon as I get a new battery!

Merayya's first birthday!

The cakeFinally...a taste!
Blow the candle!Okay, so these got mixed up....right here she is waiting for a taste
This is fun!Still fun!'s not fun any more!I'm done!
Time for presents!
New car and a new bear
Mama reading the card to Merayya
Last Friday Merayya turned one! I know...time has literally flown by. I can't upload the pictures now, my camera needs a new battery, but as soon as I get a new one they will be on here. We had a party for her Saturday, and it was awesome! In this past year we have seen a little cutie pie emerge, and we are excited to get to see how she is in the years to come.

Dear Merayya,
You are the biggest blessing to our family. We couldn't have asked for a better addition. You don't mind when Makyla packs you around the house and Mason tries to do so also! When you were born we waited an extra 5 days for you to come, and you were well worth that wait. You have the sweetest smile, the biggest blue eyes, and the most darling laugh. Yesterday, you were making mommy and daddy laugh at you as you played with daddy and were crawling all over his head. You love to snuggle, be tickled, and tease people. You are such a big tease! God couldn't have given us a greater gift. We adore you!
Mommy and Daddy

Friday, February 13, 2009

Silly kids!

Daddy tickling the kids Merayya, precious as can be!Playing motorcycles half dressed
Merayya climbing!
Pretty girl, posing for the picture
Big brother sharing his motorcycle
Those are actually his Valentine cards...lined all up?!?
These are some random pictures of some silly and cute things that my kids have been doing!

Makyla's dead tooth

The beauty! On December 31st, Brady took Makyla to the dentist for me and he found out that her front tooth was dead. I recalled her hitting her tooth on her bedroom door and complaining about it, but it wasn't discolored so I thought that it was alright. Soon after we found out that it was dead it started discoloring and now this is how she looks. If it keeps getting darker I think that I will ask the dentist to pull it, but for now...we are just grateful that it is not a permanent tooth!

Happy Valentines Day!

I feel so lucky! I got to go to both Makyla and Mason's classrooms for Valentines Day parties. After Mason's party I took the kids to McDonalds for a treat and then we went to a park across town. The kids had a blast and we met some new kids to play with! I forgot my camera for Makyla's party, so here are some picturs of Mason's party.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Road tripping pictures

At Bidwell Park in Chico, CA
Brother and Sister playing

And to think that it was snowing at home!Merayya eating a licorice at Ross's matchWay to go Ross! He won even with a sinus infection!

Mark getting malled by the kidsSteven's 13 Birthday!Great Grandma with the kids

The kids in Great Grandma's yard

Road tripping!

Aunt Laura's "heart shaped pond" Mason and Merayya at Mark's Grandma's houseGrandma and Grandpa Kelley
Mark and Mason on Steven's quad
and Steven too!Aunt Kristy with Merayya
Nicole and MakylaMerayya's turn!
Aunt Laura and Uncle Tim
Mark and the kids on the pond
Makyla and Nikki
My grandma Bunny with Merayya
We were planning to make a trip down to see my family in Coos Bay and then Mark's family in Chico sometime in December, but Mark couldn't get the time off until January. We finally got to go in late January. We went down to see my family first and we stayed for 5 nights. My aunt and uncle have a guest suite above their garage and the kids loved to play with my cousins. Then we headed down to Mark's grandma's house. We stayed there for a few nights, and then headed for home. We were so lucky to get to see Mark's cousin's wrestling match one of the nights that we were there. It was such a cool treat! We made the trip home by traveling part way and staying at a hotel for a night and then coming all the way home. We had such a fun time, and we are already planning to go down again this summer.