Sunday, September 18, 2011


So, many of you already know that Mark and I are headed for a divorce. This isn't something that I ever wanted, but I have Biblical grounds for a divorce, and he is giving me an "easy out." One thing that God is teaching me through all of this is to trust in Him. It is HUGE and has to be at the center of everything in my life. At this point, I know that Mark will have NO unsupervised visitation with the children due to his pending domestic violence charges. I am okay with that as he (nor his family) is stable enough to care for the children. It has been a huge undertaking for me, as I have to carry a large burden, but I am willing to do it for the safety of my children. I didn't always have these views, and for a long time was allowing the children to go out to Mark's parents house. I had to find out the hard way, that I wasn't making a wise choice. Your prayers are appreciated in this time. If you want to be praying specifically for us:
  • Strength and courage for me at this time
  • Least amount of strain on the children
  • God's will be done

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Back!

I haven't been blogging over the past year and it makes me a little sad! To look back and not have all of Merit's cute milestones documented in my own words. Just makes me think about all that has gone on in this past year. It is VERY shocking. Merit will be a year in 16 short days. This whole past year has been a whirl wind and I am ready to come back with a bang, taking more time each day to spend with my children and get back on track. My house needs a huge overhaul and some massive love! I made one new years resolution and have been able to stick with it since I made it. It is to floss my own teeth daily! With this challenge I also added flossing my 3 big kids' teeth. I have been on track with that, now lets see how many more things I can get back on track. (The house will be a little at a time, because it is too overwhelming to think about at once). Okay, friends, help me to be accountable and gain some order back in my life. I know this wont be an easy journey, but a journey it will be. I will post some pictures of my family soon for those who don't have facebook.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Things have just been a little frustrating lately! My computer got some sort of virus and had to have a new hard drive installed. I lost some of my pictures and I am totally bummed. Then the other day I lost (or someone stole) my camera. I am wondering what is next? I just wanna scream! At least my babies are healthy and happy. Mark and I are weathering through...and there is lots of sunshine! Please be praying that things get easier!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mark's Accident

The night before Easter I was preparing to make a cake and I realized that I didn't have all of the ingredients. P.S. I had just made a trip to Wal-Mart and somehow they didn't get into my bag! GRRR! So, on Mark's way home I was going to have him swing by and pick them up.

Instead, I got a call from Mark saying that he was cut on the face while at work and that he was on his way to the emergency room. Mark ended up getting 20 stitches and they had to cotarize an artury and now he will have a 2 inch scar on his cheek. Basically, one of the patients at his work broke the glass in his room and managed to escape outside. When Mark and another guy saw him outside they went outside to talk to him. When Mark was approaching this kid he didn't realize that the kid had a weapon (a 4" piece of glass) and the kid just slashed Mark across the face. Mark is so lucky to still be alive and that it didn't hit his eye or neck. Mark got off work that night at 11:00, and didn't make it home until 9:00 the next morning. What a night! Mark really wants a T-shirt that says "Scarface" on it, so if anyone knows where I could get one of those at...let me know! :O)

Mark's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,
You live in a zoo,
You look like a monkey,
and you smell like one too!
Happy late Birthday Mark! I promise...your new cake is coming soon! Mark turned 27 on March 31st. We celebrated at home with a nice dinner and then the following week my mom watched the kids and we went to Stanley and Seaforts to celebrate. That is our absolute favorite place to go (that is where we got engaged...different story for a different day :O). We had such a great time! I made Mark a cake, but it never got frosted or decorated, because then I was busy making my sister's it just sat :O( So that's what I mean about a new cake is coming soon. Mark's parents also had us out for a birthday dinner a few days before his birthday.

Bethany's Birthday

My little sister turned 13 at the beginning of March, and my mom had her birthday party a few weeks ago. I made her a Twilight cake (with lots of help from her), since she is really into the Twilight books. I can't believe that my little sister is 13......that makes me 26, since I was 13 when she was born. I is crazy!!! My sister has really been a big help with my kids lately, and Merayya LOVES her! She will not leave her alone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Corporate Asset Management Scam (

I just wanted to aware people of a company scam that is going on (and we have been victim to). Basically, a friend from church asked me if I knew that our house was listed as a foreclosure on the internet. I was shocked and was asking "are you sure that it is our house?" A friend who has been to our house verified that it was our house that they saw on the website and that it was showing on the market as a foreclosure with Mark's name listed. I asked her what website and she tipped me off to I went onto this website, and sure enough, it was listed as being "vacant" "bank owned" and in foreclosure. Upon learning this, I checked with our current lender to make sure that everything was correct. Everything was fine, payments all current, so I then went on this wild goose chase to learn about how and why this incorrect information was posted out there. Here is what I found. That is a scam company that basically charges real estate agents $299.00 for "their list" of foreclosures. Then, they give this information to agents who have paid their fee. These real estate agents basically get scammed for their money. They get bogus, made up, crap lists instead of the correct promised lists that they have paid $299.00 for. Then, (Also known as Corporate Asset Management LLC) posts these supposed foreclosures on their website. Once they are posted on their website, other websites (like take that information and add it to their listings. Then, innocent people (who have bought foreclosed homes, like us 3 years ago) get this incorrect information put out there just like that. This information was upsetting to Mark and I both. For 1: HOW EMBARRASSING!! For 2: Panic (Is something wrong with our loan, did something get screwed up from 3 years ago) and For 3: Will people believe that this is true? So, yeah, I am feeling totally peeved right now, and as far as these scamming companies: here is all of their information for everyone to see. As I feel this is appropriate to stop their scamming abilities. Oh, yeah, and I also contacted the FBI's fraud unit. Hopefully something will be done about this!
(The supposed lender)
Here is the link of what they have our house listed as:
Hopefully this link wont work in the next 24 hrs, as I have stated to Corporate Asset Management that if this is not taken off of their website in the next 24 hrs, I will be contacting an attorney.
Here is also the link to Redfin's listing if everyone wants to see that:
Also, I am hoping that this link will not work in the next 24 hrs, as I have also told them that I will be contacting an attorney if their link is not removed in the next 24 hrs.

Also, since I have purchased a foreclosed home...the correct listings are on the following website:
Please notice that this website is .gov meaning that it is ran by the government and not just anyone can post on it. There are VA foreclosures (like what we bought) and HUD foreclosures that are real and not made up or old.

God doesn't give us more than we can handle, and although I feel as if my plate is full obviously I can handle this, and I will :O)