Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I had to include this picture of baby Mason! Even though he hasn't been able to talk...he sure makes up for it in other ways. Trust me, he is such a daredevil!
Mason's newest word is WHY? It is so cute, he will say why, mom? Over and over again. He is still behind in his speech, but adding on new words once in a while. Here are the words that he says:
Mom, Dad, Oh (for no), hi, bye, uh-oh, me, mine (he has been using this one a lot lately), and bubby (his nickname). I think that is all, but I may be missing one or two. He is going to turn 3 on the fifteenth of September!

Beautiful blue eyes

How can you resist these beautiful big blue eyes? I sure will miss getting to see them all day long! I don't know what I am going to do when she is a teenager. I just can't resist them. They are too beautiful! I love this picture! We were on our way home from Ashlee and Ian's wedding and it was like 11pm. She kept pulling her head up like a turtle. It was so cute. I couldn't get a good picture of her doing it, but this one was the closest.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school...

I have been very emotional and sad as I will be returning to school this Wednesday (in two days). Merayya has become super attached to me and Makyla will be starting preschool, so I am just a ball of nerves. Pray for me over the next couple months as I finish this last leg of school, but go through an emotional rollercoaster.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Merayya's Six Month Birthday!!!

Pretty baby! Growing too fast!

Conked out
Today, my littlest bundle of joy is six months old! I know...time has truly flown. It is amazing to see how much she is meant to be a part of our family and how God blessed us at a time that was not expected. Merayya Cru Drummond was born 5 days late, on February 20th, 2008 at 4:57 am. Ever since then my life has truly been forever changed. I have so much flowing love for her that at times it brings me to tears. She has such an amazing personality that we all adore.
Here are some of the things she likes:
Breastmilk (ha ha! I had to get that one in there!)
Cuddling (with everyone)
Anything that can go in her mouth
Hearing our voices
When daddy comes home (and hearing him through the phone when mommy is talking to him)
Smiling (which she always is giving us the privilege!)
Making noises (especially squealing like a pig)

Here are some things she doesn't like:
Being left in a room alone
Loud noises
Falling off the couch (oops!)
Being taken away from mommy or mommy leaving the room
When mommy drinks caffeine
Being changed

It will seem like only tomorrow when I post up that she is celebrating her first birthday! (Sniffle, sniffle)
Milestones: No teeth, doesn't crawl (but definitely gets around), sits up for seconds and then immediately falls over. Rolls a lot! I think that is how she gets from point a to point b for the most part.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Jameysons!

Saying their vows The whole wedding party Ashlee's brothers escorting her down the aisle
Finally it's over!
Ian smears cake on Ashlee's face Cutting the cake (obviously these are out of order)
Introducing "The Jameysons!"
Ashlee and I Mason (NO FEAR) Drummond
Mark and Merayya
Tired Makyla
First Dance!
This last Saturday we traveled to Leavenworth, WA to celebrate the wedding of our good friends Ian and Ashlee. Mark and I had a hand in setting these two up so it was really neat to see them tie the knot. The wedding was very kid friendly and the kids enjoyed it so much. The wedding was down by a river and the bride and groom came in by horse drawn carriage. The reception was under a nice big wood structure with a children's playground right next to it! The food was very yummy (Ian's family prepared it). There was a "candy table" for the kids with little Chinese style take out boxes that they could fill with whatever candies they wanted. Mason and Makyla had a blast and really didn't want to leave...but we had the long drive home and they were very tired.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Parenting Issues

My new saving grace!Makyla gets to hold Merayya, Mason gets to hold the elephant....Yeah!! Everyone is happy, well almost.
Merayya is starting to be able to play with Mason and Makyla. It is pretty cool to watch!
All Clean!!!Mason with his new crayons!
My goodness! I have really been butting heads with Makyla lately. I have been using the "Love and Logic" approach, and have been sending her to her room for alone time, but the alone time seems to turn into a screaming for an hour time. I have always said that she is my biggest challenge, and nothing has ever changed. I had Mark replace the door knob to one with a lock on the outside (as the Love and Logic book recommends). Please pray for me that I will do what is right for our family, and that we can make it over the hump! Everyone always says that when you try something new it works for a little while, but then when the newness wears off it gets hard again, but you just got to stick it out. I am sticking it out.....when will it ever be better?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 4 years!

On August 6th, 2008 Mark and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We went to this awesome little restaurant here in town to celebrate. We treated ourselves to dessert and the whole shebang! It was so awesome!! I loved it!!


I love you hunny! We stuck together this long. We can make it 50+ more! Love you lots! Love,
Your wife

Recovered Car

Amazingly enough...the car was recovered the Monday after it was stolen. It was abandoned in Graham, so we had to go last Monday and pick it up. The car is still driveable and in the same condition that they stole it in. Of course, they stole Mark's skateboard (over $100), portable DVD player ($50), and sweatshirt. The baby carseat was also missing. When Mark got in he said "it was someone short" based on where the seat was positioned. We are assuming that it was some kids who ditched the carseat on the side of the road to make room for their friends. The only thing that really sucked is that even though it was driveable, the deputy chose to have the car towed. We had to pay the $200+ in charges...not to mention the pain in the butt that the ordeal was to our family. Praise the Lord that we don't have to buy a new car right now! Life sure has been stressful lately! The guy at the tow company said that they have seen several older cars get stolen lately just so that the person can make it home. How stupid is that? Forget about problem solving...just steal a car....or is that their problem solving? Grrr!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tagged by Amanda

You can only use ONE word to answer the following...enjoy!
1. Where is your cell phone? Missing...
2. Your significant other? Funny
3. Your hair? Ponytail
4. Your mother? Home
5. Your father? Arizona
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? None
8 Your favorite drink? Juice
9. Your dream/goal? Teach
10. The room you’re in? Playroom
11. Your hobby? Sewing
12. Your fear? Death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Teaching
14. What you’re not? Maid
15. Muffins? Chocolate
16. One of your wish list items? Bath
17. Where you grew up? Washington
18. The last thing you did? Type
19. What are you wearing? Shirt
20. Favorite gadget? Blender
21. Your pets? None
22. Your computer? Slow
23. Your mood? Exhausted
24. Missing someone? Mark
25. Your car? Stolen
26. Something you’re not wearing? Hat?
27. Favorite store? Oshkosh
28. Like someone? Love
29. Your favorite color? Pink!
30. When is the last time you laughed? Tonight
31. Last time you cried? Friday

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Stolen Car

You can barely see the car behind the house. I'm trying to find more pictures, but how often do you take pictures of a car! LOL
Last night, my husband's car (which used to be my car) got stolen from the Shari's parking lot in Federal Way by the Costco and GI Joes. It is a 1992 Acura Integra and it is a bright blue color. There are not very many of this color of car in the area. When I was driving to school and home daily, I only saw one car of this same color out there. The car has around 245,000 miles on it and is pretty trashed, but somehow someone found that they wanted it. We used to carry theft coverage on it, but after it hit 15 years old we decided that no one would want to steal this car. We have reported it stolen, so if you see it, please call the cops. The license number is 529-PXL. We are feeling pretty violated, although, God keeps reminding us that it is just a car. Something very replaceable. Our family is still safe and together, so that is all that matters...it still does frustrate us quite a bit. I am going to search for some pictures to post so that people can get a mental picture for what the car looks like. The back bumper has a dent on the corner from a friend backing into it and there is a star hanging off of the rear view mirror (which could have easily been taken down).